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Yamamoto Farms - Flower Grower
Yamamoto Farms - Flower Grower  
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Beautiful flowers and soft colors describe the Hydrangea. Hydrangea potted plants are popular during the spring and early summer months. The large, full flower heads of the Hydrangea plant are usually five-six inches wide. The dark green leaves on the Hydrangea plant are large with an attractive texture. Hydrangea flowers bloom in white, pink, lavender, and blue.

Why Yamamoto Farms
Yamamoto Farms is a California Hydrangea grower and prides itself in growing premium quality Hydrangea potted plants. Our potted plant nursery offers a variety of Hydrangea plants. The varieties we grow are Bay City and Dahlstrom and Watt varieties.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers receive only the highest quality Hydrangea plants, delivered on time, at a competitive, wholesale grower-direct prices.

Growing Methods

Ventura County’s weather provides for the world’s most temperate climate. It permits the greatest product variety and availability in the industry. Ideal growing conditions and market centrality create strategic advantages that are hard to beat.

Soil Media
Premier and Sunland Garden Products soils are utilized exclusively. These companies are industry standards; and allow us to best match the requirements of the Hydrangea plant.

Fertilizers and Irrigation
Only custom blended fertilizers and high-grade professional mixes are utilized. Although more costly than inferior blends, superior growth control and post-harvest performance are qualities that can’t be compromised. Drip tape irrigation provides greater consistency and accuracy; minimizing run-off is a side benefit that is environmentally friendly.

Extra Bench Time
Each individual Hydrangea will not be shipped before its time. This extra bench time assures greater consumer performance and satisfaction. The refusal to cut production corners creates greater consistency and product performance.

Plant Size We Grow
6.5” (vs. 6”) potting containers are exclusively utilized. The flowering Hydrangea we produce are bloom sized for that specific potting container. Despite the additional cost of materials, this small detail is the beginning of our commitment to excellence.

Packing and Shipping
Premium packaging materials are used to better address the rigors and demands of trucking and temperature control. A local shipper is utilized in order that shipments start off in the best possible condition.


Yamamoto Farms - Flower Grower


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