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Yamamoto Farms - Flower Grower
Yamamoto Farms - Flower Grower  


Q. Can these indoor plants be recycled outdoors?
A. Some plants, such as Poinsettias and Easter Lilies are found naturally outdoors. Most potted plants have indoor annual genetics, and won’t reproduce from year to year.

Q. How do you treat for ‘typical’ diseases and insects?
A. Climate conditions and plant ‘soaps’ are probably the most basic maintenance procedures. More experienced hobbyists may attempt harsher pesticides – always be cautious of phytotoxicity.

Q. What are some growing tips and tricks?
A. Know your plant’s light tolerance and don’t over water. Over watering is a much greater problem than under watering.

Q. Do we sell retail?
A. No, our focus is on wholesale customers.

Q. What are the payment methods accepted?
A. Credit will be offered after a simple application and a firm handshake. Terms: Net 30 days.

Q. How much order lead time is required?
A. Preferably one day notice. However an attempt to accommodate any order will be made.

Q. What is the minimum order?
A. Thirty cases (6 pots/case) of any configuration. Otherwise there will be a minimum volume freight charge plus current fuel surcharge.

Q. What might be temperature requirements during shipment?
A. Our most sensitive crops are Poinsettias at 60º and Easter Lilies at 40-45º


Yamamoto Farms - Flower Grower


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